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Blog compliance: bilingualism, Plone, the OLPC XO, reply titles

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/01/14 11:28
The community site that hosts this Cemetery evolved to Plone recently. As a consequence of that, this blog no longer validates with my own old ukase for bilingual blogs :-( It's supposed that in a perfect world, the bilingual blog's interface should be localised in the same language as content... Well, now is in Basque (both content and interface) and is in English, but only the content.

So, I don't comply with that anymore, but I can proudly certify that this site and its underlying technology (Plone) are very much compatible with the XO computer. The OLPC XO is the so-called 100-dollar PC project to promote digital access to children in developing countries. A friend (Igor) has bought one and he came to the little collective blog-editing seminar of that we organised when the update was recently made.

Click to enlarge, and you'll see the Plone editing options tabs there. Visualization was fine, and all worked perfectly.

I think the OLPC initiative is great, and the machine itself is promising. Its owner Igor says it's very apt for children. Benefiting digitalization in developing countries is also good.

You cannot buy these in Europe, but Igor got his thru a family connection in Idaho. There was a very sensible campaign back in November and December, where you bought 2 of these, and got one, the other going to a child in the Third World.


Regarding the fact that Plone is now being used in this blog, this looks like a positive step towards a more powerful platform, and that benefits the whole As for the readers, I think that in those rare occasions in which someone feels prompted to reply, the reader will grasp the functions of the replying form. Rhys from Wales succeeded, for instance, although he thought Gaia meant website :-) No, Rhys, it's subject or title, as replies now may have a distinct title from blog entries, a detail that I find useful but that is not present in many blogging platforms.


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