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Basque Squishdot site adapted to feed Technorati with tags

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/01/15 08:27

We have hacked the Squishdot based Basque weblog Sustatu so it now feeds Technorati and its categories appear at blog tags in the tag search application unveiled yesterday.

Results already are visibe, as with this two obvious tags:

Other Basque blogs made with WordPress show up, as well as postings in languages in which musika and kultura mean what you know.

As for The English Cemetery, it's too modified, I'm afraid, for the Coreblog tag hack that we deployed yesterday. I will try with manually entered Technorati tags, as they advise in their website.

So, let's try with

Gari dio:
2005/01/15 11:37

We don't ping Technorati. We just hacked a bit Squishdot's default rdf in order to return dc:subject tags, so that Technorati can index them correctly.

Anyway, thanks for the post

Gari (fromSustatu's tech staff)

Gari dio:
2005/01/16 10:17

Hi Luistxo, take a look at your feed. I can see inside:


What it means that you return empty subject tags. You should put your subjects inside, but I'm afraid that your subjects are languages, and this is why it doesn't work.

Luistxo dio:
2005/01/16 09:14

I correct the original article. Not pinging Technorati, but feeding Technorati. So, gets indexed there, with no pinging. The English Cemetery, instead, allegedly pings but gets no tag results at Technorati. I will have to hire some techies at my own company to fix this personal blog...

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