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Technorati tag service and COREBlog

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/01/14 12:06

Technorati has released today a very interesting service. They've developed a tag based search application based on Flickr tags, tags and blog post's categories.

Two examples with tags google or basque

More info about Technorati tags

As for Coreblog, a little hack by Erral, that I post here with his permission:

COREBlog doesn't give info about our posts' categories in RDF files, so we need to change some lines of code in 2 files to show our posts in that service.

Let's go to change them ;)

Open rdf10_xml via ZMI:

Find this line:

  ...  <dc:subject />


Delete it and put these lines:

   ...   <dtml-in entry_category_list>     <dc:subject><dtml-var name></dc:subject>   </dtml-in>


Save it!

Now, the second step: open rdf91_xml via ZMI:

Find this line (it's the 3rd one):

  ...  <rss version="0.91">  ... 

And change it:

  ...  <rss version="0.91" xmlns:dc="">  ... 

Then find these lines:

  <dtml-in "rev_day_entry_items(count=top_days)">  <item>

<title><dtml-var title></title> <link><dtml-var blogurl>/<dtml-var id></link> </item> </dtml-in>

And change them:

  <dtml-in "rev_day_entry_items(count=top_days)">  <item>   <title><dtml-var title></title>   <link><dtml-var blogurl>/<dtml-var id></link>

<dtml-in entry_category_list> <dc:subject><dtml-var name></dc:subject> </dtml-in> </item> </dtml-in>

Save it!

Now, we've to configure our COREBlog to ping Technorati each time we publish a post. Go to "Settings" tab, and add at "PING Servers".

This actually works. Erral's blog is in Basque and Spanish and his spanish category/tags already show at Technorati as with ajedrez and varios

Garito dio:
2005/06/01 13:43

Hi all Today I've seen the last post of my weblog correctly on Technorati

For that, I think your hack works in conjunction of the ping and the Technorati tag link

Thanks for it

Garito dio:
2005/06/01 01:36

Hi all! I've installed this hack on my weblog I hope it works

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