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New complete date formats in the localised version of Coreblog

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/07/14 10:16

Slight update in the CSS/localised version of Coreblog. Now blog entries show the date in a complete format, as in Spanish Miércoles, 23 de Junio de 2004. The same in English or Basque. It's a more proper way to show a date in a localised product, I think. The method lets also full control over the date-string to adapt it to any locale. For instance, in Basque several declension factors depend on the year and element-order is also different: 2004ko ekainaren 23a, asteazkena. Next year, in Basque, the declension to be added to 2005 will not be -ko but -eko, so 2005eko ekainaren..., and next year, in turn... Well, particularities can be odd in every language, but the method can be adapted to whatever you need.

Moreover, a long date string adapts better to the pure CSS design that Jeff Hicks created and we adapted for this localised version.

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