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Welsh and Basque languages facing modernity

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/06/03 07:44

Next week (June 9, monday) there's a seminar in Oxford: 'Out of Paradise: Welsh and Basque Languages Facing Modernity (1800-2008)'. The purpose is to analyse the social history of Basque and Welsh over the last two centuries. This will take place in the European Studies Centre at 70 Woodstock road in Oxford, and you've got the program in this link, below the intro in Basque.

Facebook in welsh

I don't know if in books written over the next decades, or in seminar at the end of the 21st century they will mention it, but, here's a little side note: Yesterday Facebook in Catalan was unveiled, among other 10 language versions of that big social networking site of the web. And alltogether with that, the partial localisation in Basque and Welsh are also ready to be used. Facebook uses a user-driven localisation and translation system, and volunteers so far have only translated about 20% of the content into Basque and Welsh, but even at this level, main menus and messages are quite decently presented, and the emails that you receive are also finely tuned (at least in Basque). In order to see this partially translated versions, and also to contribute, log on to Facebook and add the Translation app.

facebook in Basque

BTW, I've uploaded these screenshots above to the the Minority Languages / Linguistic Diversity pool in Flickr.

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