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Waiting for Godot

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/01/05 20:24
Context: There's IRA and Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, and we have ETA and Batasuna in the Basque Country. More context: last year, ETA declared a permanent ceasefire. No more bombings, no more killings. Hope for a political solution arose.

That ended last saturday. ETA put a 500 kilo bomb in Madrid's Barajas airport, two young immigrant workers were killed by the explosion.

Yesterday, a political leader for Batasuna (Pernando Barrena) spoke: they have no indication, he said, that ETA has broken the ceasefire. They're waiting for a communication from ETA. No further explanations for what happened. Analysis is pending: let's wait for the communication. They'll think about what happened after that.

Waiting. Waiting for Godot. A brilliant Basque writter and blogger, Anjel Lertxundi, found this analogy. I just may add the original text from Samuel Becket's masterpiece.
ESTRAGON: (his mouth full, vacuously). We're not tied?
I don't hear a word you're saying.
ESTRAGON: (chews, swallows). I'm asking you if we're tied.
How do you mean tied?
VLADIMIR: But to whom? By whom?
ESTRAGON: To your man.
To Godot? Tied to Godot! What an idea! No question of it. (Pause.) For the moment.

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