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Tim O'Reilly pays us a visit

Luistxo Fernandez 2006/10/06 08:49
Tim O'Reilly was here at the Basque Country yesterday, talking about web 2.0. The Basque Government paid him the visit. They are trying to push the development of IT industry, so four weeks ago Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired was here too.

I didn't attend but my coleagues Gari Araolaza and Nando Quintana did. They tell me it was very interesting. He talked much about user generated content, map mashups and many other concepts, much of them known by high profile geeks as we are ;-) but with new edges.

The fact is that he ended up showing a screenshot from Tagzania, and told that a local company is running it and showed an Alexaholic comparison chart showing Platial vs. Tagzania! Wow, O'Reilly is on the advisory board of Platial, so, I find that remarkable. And, curiously enough, I gave a presentation last week in Madrid (an event about Spanish Google map mash-ups) in which I used a similar Alexaholic chart, comparing those two sites plus Flagr.

Alexaholic comparison for Tagzania

Look, it was just yesterday that I posted that presentation in my spanish blog Mapamovil, using the new and nice Slideshare Flash embedable player. It's there, at slide number 8.

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Rhys dio:
2006/10/06 18:20

It's nice to be recognized by influencial people. Thanks for pointing out the new SlideShare site, it looks usefull.

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