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The Rolling Stones fill stadiums while emptying taxpayers' pockets

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/06/26 06:56

The Rolling Stones were in town (Donostia) last weekend. Tickets ranged from 60 to 105 euros. It's supposed that these megastars fill stadiums, but that was not the case apparently... Just 24 hours before the concert, some public institutions began giving away tickets to everyone. The public radio gave around 2000, and in the very City Hall of Donostia, public officials handed tickets by the dozens in a somehow hidden way.

The concert was heavily subsidized, yet it seems that expectations were not met, and there was something in the contract saying that at least several thousand people should be at the stadium. No voids in sights for the Stones. Therefore, the public institutions decided to trhow more taxpayer money on the hands of these boring old millionaires, with that free ticket fiasco.

An insult to all those that payed the tickets. Fraud and insult for taxpayers in Donostia. How much did this cost to us? No, they won't tell us.

More info in Spanish at this blog.

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