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The joy of BBC

Luistxo Fernandez 2013/04/15 16:23

The TV channels that come to my home are not under my control (it's a neighbourgh thing, they distribute some channels by cable, and that's what we get). Last year, I lost Eurosport, and I resented it, but this year, I got BBC One and BBC Two and it feels great. So, the Snooker World Championship that I partially lost when Eurosport faded away from my TV at mid-tournament, will return to my telly with the BBC this year :-)

I enjoy the quality of documentaries, mostly. Watching Penguins was marvelous, I had no idea that in the coastal desert of Peru there leaved sea lions, penguins and vampires all pitched against each other... Another great seriesm Wonders of Life. The smart physicist Brian Cox that guides that show is like a the Richard Attenborough. I think that's the idea of BBC putting him in different shows.

But, of course, Attenborough is well and filming (Africa is his latest series, and we've enjoyed that too).

Not only documentaries, the news hours of BBC are superb. So so far from news reporting as we are accustomed here. Many times it's worth watching the London local news 30 minutes. More informative than Spanish news. I've read today this article about the fight between the BBC and Margaret Thatcher: it makes one wonder about thatcherism. That is so different from Basque or Spanish standards: here, it is a matter of fact that the governing party controls TV to push its own agenda, places their cherished people in command, control the news...

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