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The coastal town that they forgot to bomb

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/02/01 09:35

Donostia, this city I live, is a very provincian town, although some authorities think it's New York. Let's face it, it's not. However, there are some nice and somehow isolated spots of non-conformism in the social and cultural landscape of the city. Giorgio Bassmatti is one of them. One of the many incarnations of blogger Love of 74, Giorgio is a sui-generis musician, very able to compose an instant ode to the guy that made french bank Societe Generale lose zillions of euros.

There was a small concert by Giorgio near home the other day. It was in the branch offices of a bank! You see, good taste sometimes has to find refuge in the most unexpected places.

Giorgio Bassmatti

Giorgio began with one of my favorites. Morrissey. He chose Everyday is like sunday. So fitting words: This is the coastal town that they forgot to bomb, come, come, nuclear bomb... Everyday is like sunday, everyday is silent and grey. I would have suggested another song as well, Sheakespeare's sister, for its poignant lyrics: I thought that if you had an acoustic guitar that it meant that you were a protest singer ;-)

Another isolated spot of local excellence: Flickr user Yosigo. He's printed some of his works for a local exposition that opens today.

If there needs to be some Basque style definition, I wish it were more in the line of Yosigo than the Kelly Family kitsch. Pseudo-spamming chain-letters are crossing among Basque mailboxes these days referring to some Kelly familiy videos where they're signing in Basque. It seems that Maite Itoiz, one of the members of the extended family, is Basque. Anyway, look at their site and looks.

That horse lacks a horn, doesn't it?

Luistxo dio:
2008/02/04 12:02

Hey Giorgio, your Jerome Kerviel ode got mentions in ABC News and Le Figaro! Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over, you have a new icon!

Giorgio Bassmatti
Giorgio Bassmatti dio:
2008/02/01 12:48

Ondo aukeratutako argazkia, Morrisseyena. Asko gustatzen zait, eta badakit bere antza hartzen dudala nire abestietan. Eta gainera, niri ere sabela atera zait!:-D

Giorgio Bassmatti
Giorgio Bassmatti dio:
2008/02/01 12:56

Thanks for the words. Donostia maybe is, as you suggest, the english cementery. I´m not the magician (Kelly is or looks!) that will rebirth the city, but we´ll have to show, as Yosigo, the other views of our town.

"Typical me, typical me Typical me I started something,...and now I’m not too sure"

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