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Some Google visions in the Venice Architecture Biennale

Luistxo Fernandez 2006/10/24 09:47
Using Google Earth, Google Maps and Sketchup for the Venice Architecture Biennale this year, looked like an obvious option. We received a commision in Tagzania to develop such a project. Given that the motive for the event was Cities, Architecture and Design, it looked quite logical that these new ways of literally looking at cities and buildings, should be there.

But not much projects have tried that path, I guess. Exhibitions tend to be carefully designed for spectacular pavillions, it seems... Not much web based extensions of those works, which, with these Google tools, could be quite easily made. For Google Maps properly, I've been searching but I found nothing. For Google Earth, something called Real Time Rome looks exciting, but you have to go to Venice to see it, apparently. Then, there's the VEMA project of the Italian Pavillion: in this one, they thought better, and you can download a KMZ file. Finally, there's what Tagzania did for the Spanish pavillion: newest Spanish archiecture, buildings modeled on Sketchup and placed on Google Earth for a 16-screen video installation. Not only Google Earth, but Sketchup files there also: the screenshot below, it's for a sports pavillion in Santander.

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