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Skype, Ning and Windguru in Basque

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/10/08 12:25

Some web products that have been localised into Basque over the last weeks, in all three cases, by means of user collaboration:

Skype: of course, there was no problem to talk in Basque... but now we have the interface as well. The euskara.lang package can be found in this thread. The company that employs my wife Marije (Emun, language consulting services) helped with the translation. | Skype euskaratuta © cc-by-sa: marije.emun

Ning. The members of a Ning based network, Zirikteroak (devoted to the use of IT's in the school) localised their app, and by the way, any other Ning community can now be managed in Basque. The localisation files are zipped here, and installation instructions can be found here.

Windguru. Sailors and surfers love it. Weather and wave predictions for beaches all around the world. Now Basque beaches in Basque. And Bali beaches as well, by the way. Users of the website did the work

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