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Sharing photos

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/07/11 12:46

I just read that Flickr has an agreement with Getty Images so people from this company will contact Flickr users to license their photos thru Getty's photostock... I suppose there's revenue and license sharing scheme behind that, because there's no much details in the news distributed so far.

Well, here's another sharing model: this week we just launched (argazkiak is photos in Basque), and there's just one option for licensing (it's in the Terms of Service), just Creative Commons by-sa. A model that's compatible with Wikipedia Commons, a license that has been labeled Approved for Free Cultural Use. is neither Flickr nor, but it's limitless and free. And it's in our language. It's just 30 or so photos today. But let's see 5 years from now.

Luistxo dio:
2008/07/14 11:12

There's already a Basque video-sharing site, Euskaltube

Rhodri ap Dyfrig
Rhodri ap Dyfrig dio:
2008/07/11 18:34

Fantastic. Hoping we'll have a video website in Welsh soon...

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