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Share code snippets and tips with Kelpi

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/09/04 16:43
Kelpi is a new web service and project created by a coleague of mine, Nando Quintana. It's an application to share code snippets, recipes and tips, all free software, with an API and else. Here are some things Nando himself has posted regarding a very promising web project, Freebase.

I'm not a programmer, so I could hardly make any use of it, but nevertheless I sent Nando my wishlist:
  • RSS versions for all pages (already in the workings, as I've learned afterwards)
  • Let the posting interface also show a field for description. Something's coming in this sense.
  • .po based i18n, and then l10n based in so people may contribute with translations.
  • A non-code version. For users like me, of course, but also with some practical uses: Kelpi for haiku exchange, famous quotes repositories... clickable URLs (just another free delicious clone? yes, why not?)
  • Follow list: user and/or tag aggregation: add usernames or tags to a list, and that becomes your "follow list": subscribe to that single RSS to view your personal Kelpi setting. Possible uses: free Twitter clone: in a non-code version where people post "status messages", "presence notes" or any short notices, the follow list becomes a river of tweets that you follow.
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