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Public bird's eye

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/09/18 11:36

Bird's eye is a phrase that I first found in Virtual Earth, the mapping app from Microsoft. But the term is caching in other mapping platforms, and now, for the 1st time, I've seen it in a public administration mapping site. The departamental public mapping app B5M has introduced Bird's eye views for Gipuzkoa, the Basque region where I live and work. Txoribistan is the Basque term chosen for the app.

This is my workplace, for instance. As usual, 4 cardinal viewpoints are available for each area covered.

The flights over Gipuzkoa were commanded by these regional authorities to Blom Pictometry. And it seems that Blom has retained the right to re-license it to others. So, the same views are present in B5M and in Virtual Earth. Compare the links (b5m /,com) and screenshots. blica. | Txoribista b5m © cc-by-sa: codesyntax | Txoribista Virtual Earth Eibar © cc-by-sa: codesyntax

Spanish electronics firm Blusens is another customer of Blom Pictometry: they use these oblique views in their GPS navigation system. Among all those users of Blom bird's eye views, it seems B5M has the newest data. Donostia, see of a film festival these days, is visible in b5m txoribista (the main exhibition hall, the Kursaal of Donostia), but not in Virtual Earth.

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