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Pro-Obama propaganda in Basque

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/10/24 09:01

This leaflet featured below (click to see larger) encourages the citizens of Nevada to support Barack Obama and vote for him. And it's in Basque!

It's not new, it was distributed in some rallies back in January for the Nevada primaries, when Obama rivalled with John Edwards and Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination.

And this little video is from the primaries, as well. Dave Bieter, the Basque-speaking mayor of Boise, Idaho, encourages the audience in some Idahoan sportshall to shout Gora Obama! (Basque for Viva Obama!). A chronicle of that caucus event here, and a longer video that explains how Bieter got the audience speak unanimously Basque.

I don't know is for the current main presidential race basque Obamistas in Nevada or Idaho have tried again with Basque propaganda. But, anyway, Gora Obama! Bozka Obama!

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