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Oñati, an evil place that's worth a visit, according to Lonely Planet

Luistxo Fernandez 2010/09/03 17:11

This year, scores of international tourists have come to Oñati, a Basque town, attracted by the following description in a Lonely Planet guide

If your Basque experiences have so tar been limited to a crawl around some San Sebastian bars and Bilbao galleries then you might be wondering what this ETA fuss is all about. If so, the small town of Oñati is a good place to experience the darker side of Euskadi.

On first impressions the town, set in a bowl in the surrounding mountains, is a charmer, but walk down its streets during a grey and drizzly lunchtime when all is shut up tight and you'll quickly see another side to the place. Almost every square centimetre of wall space is covered in Nationalist graffiti calling for independence. With every pass ing step you'll be confronted with a poster graphically revealing Spanish state torture or calling for Basque prisoners to be returned to the Basque Country. Against such a backdrop it's hard to imagine how real, lasting peace can be achieved.

And you know what? The Town Council has protested and asked Lonely Planet to remove that from next year's guide. WTF! According to the very same news item informing about it, there are people that are actually coming to Oñati to experience evil first hand!

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