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Microsoft software protects cornfield from birds

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/10/10 17:29
Lately it's usual to find shinning CDs hanging from here and there: they work as scaregrows or to deter birds from crashing into wide transparent windows.

Microsoft arto-saila zaintzen

But in this cornfield in Gaintza, in the Basque Country, the CDs that I found last weekend were particularly interesting: profesional software licensed by Microsoft. Finally, Microsoft's products find a fair and useful application, althought I have doubts if this is legally permitted by the TOS.

This also makes me think about things I've read lately, the momentum of innovation passing from bits to atoms. Well, here we have software being used because of the physical features of its incarnation.
Carsten Agger
Carsten Agger dio:
2007/10/23 13:14

Here you see another example of a useful application of a Windows CD, image and all:

erGuiri dio:
2007/10/12 20:51

Te diré! Malditos discos del msdn en polaco, ruso, árabe, etc... en el curro tenemos montones  y ni idea de qué hacer con ellos ... hasta ahora :-D

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