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Jaiku in the Basque Country

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/07/19 16:28
Next week, Jyri Engestrom, the finnish creator of Jaiku, a microblogging/presence web service, comes to Donostia to take part in a summer seminar about creativity and entrepreneurship, have some holidays, and also share a meetup (or lab meeting) with geeks and web fans of the local group Cadius Donostia. Fortunately, 'll be at both events.

Jaiku is fun. I find it more interesting than Pownce, though I see that Twitter has more traction. Then, Facebook came in storm to capture us grown-ups, and that's also some kind of microblogging / networking app. So, can you open accounts in all those and hope to be consistent? Difficult. Right now, my Jaiku account has my Twitter feed among its inputs, and in Facebook I have both apps, the one for Twitter and the one for Jaiku (also Powncer!). So, what I do is, I send msgs to Twitter from Facebook, and as those are fetched by my Jaiku, they're also there. Straight and clear (well, almost).

I'm preparing a lightning talk for the Cadius Lab meetup with Jyri. I'll try to make some points around Geography in microblogging and presence services.
Christian dio:
2007/07/20 11:52

what a weird twitter/pownce/jaiku/facebook/younameit combination ;-)

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