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International Exposition in Zaragoza

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/09/03 07:57

I had never been in an International Expo, but as it was not that far away from home, we went to Expo Zaragoza with our children, to spend three days there. Water and sustainability, that was the motive of the Expo, and we took a sustainable approach, going there by train. But I was totally disappointed. Perhaps all expos are the same, a succession of anecdotical, conceptual or shop-like (sellers of tourism or souvenirs at large) pavilions, I don't know, but I felt this one was particularly boring, and too much crowded as well.

I noticed as well that it was just an exclusively Spanish act. No foreigners, which is striking in any part of Spain in summer: lots of locals do tourism here and there, but always accompanied by similar crowds of guiris. Well, there were almost none of these in Expo Zaragoza. I guess that very few BoingBoing readers noticed the isometrically pixelated eBoy mosaic in one of the few slightly interesting pavilions: | eBoy Expo Zaragoza © cc-by-sa: Luistxo.F

The expo is open until september 14.

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