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I'm a (better improved) PC

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/11/06 13:00

If Americans can shout Gora Obama (and I join those of them that have rejoiced with the outcome of the election), Basques can also speak in English. Here's a nice little video. It's based in the famous I'm a Pc / I'm a Mac Apple commercials. In this case, children at a Basque school defend their PCs... PCs running with free software in Basque: Ubuntu, Firefox, OpenOffice. Better than Macs, certainly :-)

Wheylona dio:
2008/11/07 01:35

Cute video! As I don't yet have my PC with Ubuntu on it, I won't challenge you just yet on the "better than Macs" claim. But I'll get back to you after I get it and have played with it for a while. :-)

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