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Ignite talk at Where 2.0

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/05/07 12:19
Back to California. 3rd time in a year. Last June, I was there with a coleague attending Where 2.0, then once again in August with for family holiday, and now it will be again Where 2.0, end of May, and also WhereCamp at the beggining of June.

More importantly, this time, I have to address the audience of Where 2.0 with a Ignite talk about Tagzania! 5 minutes, 20 slides in a presentation that I won't control (slides pass every 15 seconds till the 5 minutes are consumed).

Hopefully, the best Californian blogger of the city I live, Wheylona, will help me polishing my pronunciation and delivering some surf-related jokes. ¿Or will they be about Schwarzenegger?
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Luistxo dio:
2007/05/09 11:52

Talking abour role models, there's David Has(s)elho(f) as well. He was at the Festi in Donostia last year, remember? That's glamour.

wheylona dio:
2007/05/08 00:49

Oh don't worry, I've got a whole list of Schwartzenegger jokes for you, plus I'm working on some Microsoft and American Idol ones for you as well. And Alec Baldwin and the Commander Guy/Deciderer and all sorts of lame pop culture/political stuff. ;-)

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