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Google Realtime in several minority languages

Luistxo Fernandez 2010/09/27 09:04

Google was presenting search results from realtime information flows (Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed...) since some months ago, but it was just some days ago that we realised that it did restrict results to Basque, if you searched those updates from a Basque interface. Then, it came the announcement of Google Realtime, an standalone version of those searches. Basque is included, in a total of 40 languages, but curiously enough, Google doesn't mention which languages are those.
So, with some URL hacking, I could determine that several European minority languages are included, while, to the contrary, some state-languages are not...


Try with a search like Twitter in Welsh, and twist the URL with the language codes for other languages.


You will see that it works with nl, ne or no (Dutch, Nepali and Norwegian) as well as the minority languages listed above, but not with se, dk or ee (Swedish, Danish or Estonian). Basque screenshot here below when searched for Android.

However, none of those languages has the extra options to sea results in threaded conversations or restrict results to a given geographical area, which are only available in English, Japanese, Spanish and Russian so far.


Luistxo dio:
2010/09/29 09:57

I don't think Google will release anything, but they have a language detection API. There are some language guessers that are open source, like TextCat.

On the other hand, a correction, there ARE indeed Realtime versions for Swedish, Danish and Estonian. Idiot me, I tried with country-codes instead of the correct language codes which are sv, da and et

Rhodri ap Dyfrig
Rhodri ap Dyfrig dio:
2010/09/27 13:10

It also seems to me on first glance that you can only see one page of results. Once you click on the month, it reverts to a general/default search.

Still, even this is a massive improvement. Wouldn't it be great if they could release the language recognition algorithm as open source?

Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones dio:
2010/10/29 16:34

Google is just as closed as Apple is, but hopefully we'll be able to access some sort of API in the future.

It's a small step, but a good step.

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