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Google Chart API replaces the Bloglines plumber

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/12/12 09:52
What happened to the Bloglines plumber? They've put bubbles today... I'm proud of my screenshot, Ubuntu and Firefox look nice in Basque. I uploaded it to the Web 2.0 Error Pages pool of Flickr.

Bloglines: Where's the plumber?

It seems the owners of Bloglines,, are experimenting with Google Chart API. Those bubbles are Venn diagrams, aren't they? I'm experimenting too. Here's my trial below. Web navigation in the Basque Country by language (source: Eustat). Areas are exact, overlaps between languages just invented, only decorative.

Bloglines is so stalled since Mark Fletcher left it... He's experimenting with other things now: his own DNA (something that interests me as well, btw)

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