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Five years since they closed Egunkaria

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/02/20 09:33

Today, it's five years since the Spanish authorities closed Egunkaria, the 1st continuous Basque language newspaper of history. I've begun a Spanish-language blog about Egunkaria.

Egunkaria, 5 urte itxita
Carsten Agger
Carsten Agger dio:
2008/04/05 21:29

Five years ago a bit more than a month ago - yes, I still remember it, what a disgrace! And what did it come to? No convictions, just the chilling effects of torture and imprisonment and no indemnifications, either;

seriously, the Spanish government owes someone an apology and a complete financial indemnification of all parties who suffered from this case; actions we should not expect any day soon, I'm afraid.

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