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End of ETA

Luistxo Fernandez 2011/10/23 12:08

So, ETA ended its war. The ergative energy worked. Even Tony Blair had something prepared for the occasion, though he couldn't come to town. Fresh air in the city. A sense of relief for almost everybody, that's what I feel among the Basques. Lots of interesting analysis and posts have been written over the last days, and one feature in common among those that are most interesting (imho) is that they've been written from a personal point of view. I have some examples in Spanish at hand, if you can read the language: Juan Carlos Etxeberria, Mitxel Ezkiaga and Ander Iza. (3 journalists).

I feel like I could also write from that perspective, 'cause this also has affected my life (I'm 44). But I'm not in the mood. There will be pieces from our lives that won't be written.

Will I or my two children see an independent Basque Country some day? I want that to happen. The defeat of ETA was a prerequisite for that, I believe.

Some newspapers, this friday. A photo that had to be taken long ago, by a fine Basque photographer, Juan González Andrés, El Humilde Fotero del Pánico.

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