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Basques in Japan

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/04/01 10:05

I've been two weeks in Japan in holidays. What a marvelous country: it's well blogged about, so I won't bother anyone with my accounts. We didn't find any Basques in our journey, just our hosts, the Teshima-Berriozabal family, who were so extremely kind to invite us to their country, and to their own home in metro-Tokyo. Paulo Berriozabal is a Basque blogger in Tokyo, blogs in Spanish and Basque, and it's through that blog, that we happened to know each other.

Ikurriña Tokyon

While in Tokyo, we did find a Basque flag, by pure chance. It was in a bar called Vinuls just at the Ueno JR station that presented itself as a Spanish tavern. I've checked the web, and it seems Vinuls started as a Spanish or Catalan bar in the Ginza area... Now it seems it has been expanded into a chain.

Peru is a good model for pictures. So is Lili, my daughter. And the setting, Japan, is perfect to click and click and click...

Rhys dio:
2008/04/01 20:18

It seems like an amazing country - I've been following your family's trip via your Flickr account. I'd heard of the Ninja restaurant while listening to a chapter of Sound Bites being read on BBC Radio 4 and it sounds an interesting place.

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