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Basque tiles from OpenStreetMap

Luistxo Fernandez 2010/09/30 13:53

A project from my co-workers at Tagzania Services: EuskalMapa, the Basque Map. That is, a free OpenStreetMap based version of OSM showing Basque names for places. There's a similar project with Scottish Gaelic and it's called

Tiles are generated with Basque names on them not fot the whole globe, but according to this logic:

  • The whole planet: zooms 1-9
  • Spain: zooms 10-13 
  • The Basque Country: zooms 13-17


Some examples: | Euskalmapa © cc-by-sa: sustatu | Ezpeleta © cc-by-sa: sustatu | Gasteizko alde zaharra © cc-by-sa: sustatu

Rhys dio:
2010/10/05 16:58

Good to see that there's a Scottish Gaelic version (and good info on how to add names) - I wasn't surprised that a Basque project existed for some reason!

Page doesn't load properly at the moment, but OSM with Welsh placnames is usually found here: (hosted by Swansea University Computer Society)

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