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Basque Slashdot clone turns five and throws a party with international figures

Luistxo Fernandez 2006/12/05 10:48
Sustatu, the Basque Slashdot (please do understand the difference of scale), has turned 5 years old. There's no formal birthdate, it slowly came out of the shadows, without a formal presentation, during november 2001. At the time, Kuro5hin and Slashdot were our references, altogether with Spanish Barrapunto. It was the first weblog in Basque. The standard model for weblogs has shifted since then, and now it's personal blogs (looks as if a semantic nuance distinguishes blog from weblog) which are en vogue. We've got plenty of them nowadays in Basque (for instance, in, but Sustatu remains as a clear reference in the Basque web scene.

Just 3 or 4 daily notes (on labour days), plus a picture. Sometimes, there are comments, and even discussions. Not much greater than that, but that's how the Basque modest flagship of the Internet sails, and we are proud of it.
Next week, we'll throw a party in Arrasate (Mondragon). There will be prizes (some iPods) for a little contest we've organised (Best blog post in Basque), and two invited speakers, very ironic blogger (a companion in this small community where the English Cemetery sits) and writer Iban Zaldua (our local Pullitzer, Basque literature award 2006), and Ed Freyfogle, american technologist, who served as a leading search engineer in Yahoo Europe for years, and now is a co-founder of London-based start-up Lokku, the creator of Nestoria. The Basque connection of Freyfogle is Javier Etxebeste, who met Ed while he was the director of Yahoo Europe, and now is the other co-founder of Nestoria, and it's from that connection that we've managed to get Ed at this event.

If you know Basque, click on the icon and you'll manage to get an invitation to attend, and know more details about Sustatu's party and contest.

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Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall dio:
2006/12/10 07:56
Great design on that site.

Hey, in other news, I had a thread on my blog where the topic wandered to Basque orthography, and I was wondering if I might trouble you to enlighten us on the status of ñ in Basque
is it part of Standard Basque orthography, or does it depend on the dialect, or...?

Luistxo dio:
2006/12/11 17:47

Ok, I've gone there and leave the reply: Ñ is part of the Basque alphabet, although it's seldom used.

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