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Basque-only results with Google Custom Search

Luistxo Fernandez 2006/10/26 06:21

Google's new big offering Google Custom Search will create thousands of specialized vertical search sites or aggregated search engines. More clicks in ads for webmasters and Google Inc.

Here's our first try: Sustatu, the Basque Slashdot (please understand scale) features now a basque-language content-only search tool. That's practical because Google doesn't allow searches restricted Basque-language results. Now we can search in Basque for generic terms or proper names like Ubuntu or Albert Einstein.

Reaching all Basque content in that customized search will be impossible. But Pareto's law may apply, cover 10% of sites, get 70% of most interesting content. At least of those sites that are monolingual (they tend to be more focused on delivering quality content that those based on translation), host most stuff, are renewed more consistently... 

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