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Basque California bike made in Cambodia

Luistxo Fernandez 2008/01/10 17:05

No competition at home as in the website of Pamplona: Olentzero came, and the Three Kings came as well. These three types brought a pink California model of the BH brand to my daughter Lili. Hey, that bike brand is from my hometown Eibar, I said. But upon careful inspection, I realized that, as expected, it was made far away: in Cambodia, to be precise.

Liliren BH California

There was a time in which several bike brands were produced in Eibar. BH (Beistegui Hermanos, the Beistegi Brothers), GAC (Garate, Anitua and Co.), Abelux, Orbea... Now none of these factories is in Eibar any more, and of those that remain active in the Basque Country, they probably assemble or import Asian goods, more than anything else.

BH was one of the first employers of my father. In the early 1940s, he worked there. They didn't make bicycles then, but bombs. There was a market, clearly. From my dad's bedroom, he can still see the old factory, with the old symbol of BH (recently painted) in a wall that faces home directly.

BH fabrika zaharra

That's what is left of BH in Eibar. A sign. More or less what's left in the actual bikes, the BH sign is not even metal, just a sticker added to the Cambodian product.

Asia is big. They also produce terrific cinema. Danger, Lust, from Ang Lee. More sexual than Brokeback Mountain (particularly, more heterosexual, I may add), a must-see. 

Rhys dio:
2008/01/11 17:49

I'm glad Olentzero came (and hope he managed to out-wit the authorities in Iruñea also).

It's sad that so little real items are manufactured at home these days, some call it progress that they're made somewhere else where wages are so much lower, but I'm not so sure.

I haven't seen any films by Ang Lee yet, but a friend has recommended Asian films, in particular Korean ones. I'd highly recommend <a href="">Welcome To Dongmakgol</a>.

There was recently a Chinese Film Season on TV and I saw an enjoyable (but very long) film called < a href="">Devils on the Doorstep, is called a comedy, but is in fact quite disturbing.

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