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Search the world through Tagzania and Geonames

Luistxo Fernandez 2006/03/03 09:56

There's now search in Tagzania. Partnering with Geonames, what a great service.

The data at Geonames can be incredibly precise. You can search for features with great detail. Search for General Sherman, and you get the position of the General Sherman Tree, a giant sequoia in California, the biggest living being on Earth.

Satellite imagery at that point doesn't let us indicate if that individual tree is really there, but we assume they're right.

However, there's an option to correct data on Geonames itself, through a direct link, and if you do so, subsequent searches show corrected results.

Also, search and Near URLs can be constructed now by third parties, if anyone is interested in linking their apps or sites with Tagzania. The search URL is like the one at Technorati:

And the Near URL can be constructed with the following logic: with latitude and longitude given in decimal numbers. For instance:

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