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How we got Tagzania in Polish

Luistxo Fernandez 2006/02/27 15:13

Someone asked privately, why Polish for Tagzania ? Well, we're neither in Poland nor master too much Polish, actually. We are in the Basque Country, far from Poland, really.

But, some boys from a tech institute in Rzeszow have come to a local tech institute here (student exchange), and this Basque school has put the 18-year boys practising at companies around. There was one of this young poles with Internet skills, so the local institute sent him to us . This young man, Karol Palys, came just perfect for us, to test the l10n of the tool in some non Latin-1 encoding language...

And there it is. Karol will go back to Poland this week. You may contact him at the ZSE tech institute Rzeszow and at rahrahim at by email.

Don't know if Polish users will see any interest in our tool.... Word of mouth is our only way to get out. Our content at Tagzania is open, and the translations as well. The polish one is already public here.

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