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Desperately seeking contact with Naobasque

Luistxo Fernandez 2006/02/21 15:17

This fascinating japanese blog, Naobasque, written from the Basque Country! Right now he has a post about the Basque flag, and the author comments some wikipedia entries about the Basque Country!

I would like so much to leave a comment there... but I cannot. Google's translation service (BETA), tells me that in Naobasque's comment dialog box there is a field for password and I cannot guess which one it is... And the trackback feature is only for registered users (and that's a barrier I cannot trespass). No trace of an email that I can detect as well.

Will pingback or some Technorati-like tool make him aware of me?

Naobasque! Hear my desperare cry! I want to contact you by email!

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