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FON maps for the US

Luistxo Fernandez 2006/01/26 16:24

FON reaches the US, and now has maps for that country created by the Tagzania crew, altogether with coleagues of another Basque company, Alianzo.

FON maps for the US

FON is a start-up created by serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky.

The idea is a long-tail-like connectivity network. Wi-fi access points that users provide thru their wi-fi routers, each one re-distributing their broadband share from their particular source. You enter the network, share your broadband around your home, but get your share returned when you approach other people's windows. Others, not members of the network, may get cheap broadband paying for a connection if they happen to be around those points, and the network members may get benefits from that as well.

gerhard dio:
2006/02/01 00:10

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