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Moshzilla meets the Spanish royals

Luistxo Fernandez 2006/01/04 10:35

Some days ago, The Spanish Royal Family published in their official website a Chritsmas picture so badly photoshopped that it would seem like a joke. They even offered apologies: no time to reunite all the grandchildren around Juan Carlos and Sofia, so they turned to copy & paste. Lots of work, for these parasites of public budget, it seems.

However, that kitsch collage has ignited a wave of mockery that feels like fresh air. The king of Spain has become Spain's ideal Moshzilla model for dozens of picture mash-ups.

Now, they've met online, as well.

Moshzilla - Zarzuela

That's a picture a friend sent me. Not yet in the pseudo-official Family gallery. Great artwork there. There's the Constant Plumber from Bloglines even, or a Basque motive.

My personal favorite is the Republican version.

mapoche dio:
2006/01/04 18:18

Con su permiso, acabo de incorporar este photomontaje a la galeria oficial:

Un saludo :)

Superyes dio:
2006/01/07 01:21

Perdon, Mapoche queria escribir...

Superyes dio:
2006/01/07 01:20

Mapchoce: Pues no se ve en la galeria oficial, creo yo...

Luistxo dio:
2006/01/09 11:19

Oh, the picture did really appear at Milinkito's, then disappeared. Beheading a king with Photoshop is not allowed, it seems.

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