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Wheylona's blog

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/12/12 17:39

There's at least another English-language blog in the city of Donostia. Unlike the English Cemetery, that's in decent english. Wellcome to Wheylona's blog

The blog is called Viva, An Experiment and the blogger seems to be an american woman, Wheylona. I assume that's a name, by US standards. Her Flickr username is the same as her Blogger username, at least.

I have commented some of her entries. Like the one about Basque food, trying to correct her tastes: according to our sources, Idiazabal cheese dose not match with olives, it is nuts with cheese; and anchovies with olives and pepper. Or this one about the sheep stickers popular around here lately: she got Sustatu'ed for that, sort of Slashdotted on a Basque scale ;-) as we featured it at a frontpage of the Basque collective blog Sustatu

It's nice to look at your own place thru the eyes of a foreigner: it gives you a wider perspective. Wheylona has an eye for capturing things that for Basques living in Donostia are not worth a second thought, like her visit to the health center. Her camera also has a good sense of opportunity: in this picture, she captured the most famous Basque writer, Bernardo Atxaga, seemingly not noticing him there...

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