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New blog in Spanish, forking from the Cemetery

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/10/27 15:44

The Cemetery, this blog, is no longer trilingual. It turns bilingual: Basque and English. The Spanish side does not disappear, it migrates, to a domain of its own. There it is:


It has a robuts blog header, yes. A variation on the work of Italian Hyperrealist artist Maurizio Cattelan.

Why? The Webdosbeta workshop was very positive for us. Good feedback, contacts... Looked like an opportunity to continue comenting map-related things for the Spanish audience in a new blog.

We did receive praise in English as well. The report by french blogger Yannick Laclau, who writes about tech issues from Barcelona, was truly encouraging...

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Galdera: Zenbat dira hiru ken lau (idatzi zenbakiz) ?

Luistxo works in CodeSyntax, tweets as @Luistxo and tries to manage the automated newssite Niagarank. This Cemetery is part of a distributed multilingual blog (?!). These are the Basque and Spanish versions:

Ingelesen hilerria

El cementerio de los ingleses


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