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Certified: Tagzania is buzzword compliant

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/10/13 13:31

Sure. Tagzania is buzzword compliant. The certification has been issued by Programmableweb, which has included our site in the official Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix, there were Google Maps and mix up.

Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix

We were not present at the big web 2.0 conference. California is far. But we will be at a Spanish event in Madrid, Webdosbeta. I'll give a short presentation, one of the 10 selected from 22 proposals submitted to the conference.

The Long Tail

It's nice to be labelled as web 2.0, one of those buzzwords so widely used lately. But here there is, another buzzword which perhaps also fits Tagzania: The Long Tail.

Like Tagzania, the long tail of geographic data ;-)

Sounds funny, but maybe it's true: Crime sceneries, wifi spots, traffic jams in big cities, real state listings... all those are getting their share in the so-called Google Maps mashups, because those interest points have potentially great audiences. They are at the high-end of the tail.

But it's the minimal audience of everyones personal spots which will not be provided by the Big Ones.

And, at the end, maybe thousands of users with tens of thousands of spots might create a long long tail of geographic data. That should be Tagzania's place on the web... But how do we reach to that promise from this little corner, a rural valley in the Basque Country? Not easy for us, bunch of basques with berets. As a first step, we'll go to Madrid. Wow, that's a big city. :-)

Vctor R. Ruiz
Vctor R. Ruiz dio:
2005/10/13 16:43

The little secret is I submitted the entry in the mashup matrix ;)

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