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This weblog is geolocated now

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/09/05 07:51

Now my weblog is geolocated. I included the ICBM tag in the meta-code of its HTML, so it follows the GeoURL convention. The English Cemetery, can therefore, as well, be geottaged at Tagzania with the GeoURL bookmarklet that we deployed. There it is.

It may work the other way round, locate yourself at Tagzania, and then use the lat/lon coordinates to add ICMB metatags to your blog.

Some Tagzania users have commented that they would like just their feeds to be added to Tagzania, so their geolocalization automatically updates, instead of manually adding items. It could be, but I have doubts: has a geolocated blog make much sense? The location of a blog lies in cyberspace, it is the Universal Resource Location quite obviously. Can a blog or blogger be tied to a precise geographical location? Maybe, particularly for corporate blogs, but generally, it's this post or that one that refers to a given location, or perhaps, several locations mentioned in a post. A travel blog, for instance, it doesn't make sense that it might be geolocated with the GeoURL ICBM stuff.

But well, after all, the English Cemetery is an actual place, the blog title refers to a real burial place in "Donostia: ... so, I "geolocated it. Now, don't expect me to find me around blogging with a laptop.

Blogs and geolocation: there are experiments out there, certainly. This Slovenian community of blogs is geolocated following the GeoURL-ICBM model. But rather than trying to do such a thing among Basques, I would prefer that people could geolocate things they mention in their blogs... the way this Spanish literary blogger does it is nice: he blogs about a novel, Rayuela, by the late Argentinan writer Julio Cortazar, a story located in Paris. The blogger posts comments and pictures of places mentioned in Ratuela, and then uses Tagzania to trace them, and to show them to readers. That's more consistent geolocation of blogs, than the other one, in my opinion. However, this is open to tastes, and people pushing in different directions, that's nice.


BTW, I updated the image on the right corner of the header, as well, with a new Tagzania snapshot. Awful design remains unchanged.

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