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No alibi for the troll chasing Tagzania

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/08/22 18:58

Tagzania has been accused several times, since its launch, by a troll that accuses our site to be plagiarism, a copy of another web effort: Beenmapped.

We have tried to answer some of those allegations, as the ones that appeared at Oogle Earth. But finally, it's been a relief the note that Beenmapped itself has published:

August 16th, 2005. Some comments have been surfacing on some Google Maps blogs on the net about BeenMapped and Tagzania. Those were not written by me nor I endorse or approve such comments.

Tagzania and BeenMapped are quite different as Tagzania authors also agree. If you enjoy BeenMapped or Tagzania, we're happy you do, but there's no need or reason to make accusations of plagiarism. Thank you.

It was obvious that troll behaviour was not in the style of a map & web enthusiast like the person behind Beenmapped. Looks like the troll lives much more near: its first appearance was in Barrapunto, the Spanish Slashdot, and has appeared in other Spanish sites. Then the troll seems the follow the track of Tagzania references that the creators of it leave through For instance, he/she appeared at the nice Lifehack review that placed Tagzania among the top 10 of GoogleMaps developments.

A close watcher of us...

Now, the troll will have no alibi. Thanks to Beenmapped. Good luck to that project! It obviously has things in common with Tagzania, fundamentally the will to share maps, places, among people... Trolls don't do that, they are not for communities, not for sharing, only destroying.

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