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Free the maps!

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/08/09 22:32

Open the geo-data! Free the maps! Totally right point in a brilliant manifesto (Ten Things That Will Be Free, a provocative essay by Wikipedia creator Jimbo Wales, now guestblogging at Lessig's blog, the creator of Creative Commonso...) As for open maps, doing our bit with Tagzania . The rest of the 10 points, all right.

Particularly interesting the TV listings item.

Also the need for free dictionaries. This one, I would complete it with another vindication: Free NLP! (Natural Language Processing), or in other words, Free grammar, syntax and morphology!, for these areas of language are also subject to propietary software, closed developments, and restricted access to resources and solutions. It's happening with Basque, and surely with many languages: not only lexical items (the stuff of dictionaries), languages need freedom in several ways.

On the many suggestions that the manifesto is getting, I would also encourage that Free Directory or Yellow Pages vindication, in the line of the Wikicompany project (also interesting by its use of maps, I see confluences with Tagzania there...)

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