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Memory Maps at Tagzania

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/08/08 16:26

Back on april, someone noticed two curious web developments: the first proliferation of Googlemaps mash-ups (then sort of hacked maps, before the API opened up legal and documented usage) with the Craigslist listings shown graphically, and the appearance of Memorymaps at Flickr: images that have annotated comments about places that have been important in someone's live. This seems to be a meme initiated by Matt Haughey, creator of Metafilter, and it has has followers at Flickr, check tags memorymap and memorymaps and these pools: one, two.

Curiosly, the application we launched 3 weeks ago, Tagzania, has been used for the very same functionality by the early adopters of the tool. So there are now live memorymaps (as opposed to the still images at Flickr) directly constructed over Google Maps using Tagzania accounts.

I think Earl Mardle from New Zealand was the pioneer at Tagzania. Check his year tags and look at a given map, like the one from 1970.

Other users that are doing similar things: Johnnysoko and Lauschender, both have decided to use a MyLife tag and there they are, memporymapping their lives.

I wonder if the first memorymappers of Tagzania came to this idea after the Flickr meme, or it blossomed independently.

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