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Tagzania, folksonomy meets Google Maps

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/07/20 09:33

After playing with Google Maps for the San Fermin running of the Bulls trick (it even got a mention at Der Spiegel in Germany!), now a more serious application:

We call it Tagzania.

Folksonomy like at of Flickr, but applied to maps. Tagzania follows the model but instead of URL locations, you save geographic locations and then see them plotted in maps: your own maps, or shared ones (by tags).

Social software meets Google Maps. That's the intention. We'll see if the idea catches.

Tagzania has also its blog. It will be probably me, Luistxo, who will write there most of time, with this broken english of mine. Probably the English side of the Cemetery will be more silent from now on.

The first blog out there to spot Tagzania has been Jay Knight's. His praise litfs my spirit today. Word of mouth is the chance to get users and see the application flourish.

Luciano Evaristo Guerche
Luciano Evaristo Guerche dio:
2005/08/17 17:57


I have been using Tagzania a lot since I subscribed to it. Actually, I have bookmarked a lot of places and I am the most active user so far. Prior to Tagzania, I used

Comparing, Tagzania, and flickr (I am subscribed to all), I would like to point my wish list for Tagzania:

1) Tagzania does not allow users interaction (flickr does, by acting as an email proxy among its users); 2) Tagzania does not show how many users are subscribed to a bookmark ( and do); 3) When I am browsing a tag with more than a page of bookmarks, if I open the RSS feed or the KML file, only the bookmarks from the first page are loaded. I would like to have all the bookmarks included; 4) I added more than 200 bookmarks to Tagzania, but when I open my page at Tagzania and browse it, I clearly see that not all my bookmarks are listed. Actually, the older bookmarks are missing; 5) When exporting to a KML file, I would like them to be sorted by latitude and longitude or longitude and latitude, so that when playing then on Google Earth I got better results.

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