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Limit size to embedded images in Coreblog

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/05/06 16:41

Regarding the feature to embed pictures into Coreblog posts, which he have included in CodeSyntax's modified Coreblog version, an additional recipe that comes handy to limit size of pictures added by people.

As it is noted by the Blogplot crew at this message, , users may get used to upload images of any size. As they are automatically resized, people with no clues about storage at blogs may upload too much Mb's.

So the Blogplot people devised a system to put maximum image size at 100 Kb. I asked Brady of Blogplot for the recipe, and got it. I just posted it to Coreblog-en mailing list: there it is

Credit goes to Brady Davis and Jeff Hicks. Thank you.

Elisha Fisch
Elisha Fisch dio:
2005/06/06 08:02


I couldn't figure out how to hear the original Basque melody behin Jerusalem of Gold. Can you tell me how?


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