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Modified Coreblog released by CodeSyntax

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/04/27 11:34

Here it is: a new Coreblog development. See the demo and download the modified product, instructions and else from CodeSyntax

This modified Coreblog is in usage in a Basque blog community at Goiena with examples like Zinema , Faroa or Superbai

In those blogs, users (individual bloggers, as opposed to the website managers of need no Zope knowledge.

  • Editing and managing interfaces taken out of ZMI, and they have been localised

You cannot access the editing interfaces in the examples or in the demo, but I posted an image at this blog entry, so you can have an idea.

Other features:

  • Date is editable. You can change date & time of posting, whenever you want.
  • Comment and trackback control interfaces integrated into the general entry management view
  • A micro-CMS so the user can manage fixed content, upload files and images.
  • Template changes only through the CSS, but the CSS can be directly accessed and edited by the user. Design follows a Movable-Type 3 layout, so you can adapt any CSS layout of that kind and apply it.

A good place to get CSS's is . Check the MT3 category: the styles fit nicely. Those with images in the background require more homework, but the pure CSS's are just copy, paste, save and see.

  • All that is localised, with versions ready for English, Spanish and Basque, and the possibility to easily deploy other languages.
  • Image addition and management: pictures get embedded into posts. Just mentioned on the "previous post."
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