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Yes, I love Bloglines, and I would like it to be better

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/04/06 10:02

When Bloglines merged with Ask Jeeves, I read this post at the Jeeves bossblog. They offered 200 t-shirts; I wrote, and I got mine! It crossed the Atlantic, really, to reach the Basque Country. So, I already wear it at my office, just like Jeeves9000, Mark Fletcher himself and others do (see the video )

I hope the merger is for good. It's not the first time a search company buys something at Mark's shop. When eGroups became Yahoogroups, we could expect improvements. Yet, the experience hasn't shown that, and Mark himself has wrote about it.

Particularly, eGroups had a couple of odd features: awful search, and not very convincing i18n. Yahoo hasn't done anythong to improve searches in Yahoogroups, for reasons difficult to guess.

Now, the issue is that Bloglines itself has similar problems like those at eGroups at the time: i18n attempts haven't been very good (the Spanish interface is awful, for instance), and the searching capabalities of Bloglines are bad. Will Ask Jeeves improve the search part? They should. Regarding i18n, ummm, Ask Jeeves doesn't look focused on that... They should approach the issue with an open mind, and open practices. I would love to see that. Love to see Bloglines in Basque some day.

BTW, I am not the only one at my dotcom to wear trendy T-shirts. Here I am with the Pink Panther and Jatsu Argarate, software engineer at CodeSyntax, and bass guitar player at Kokein, a pop-rock group with a belly-dancing singer.

Mark Fletcher
Mark Fletcher dio:
2005/04/06 20:29

Thanks for the comments. We are indeed working to improve both things you mentioned. Search will use technology from Teoma, Ask Jeeves' search engine. And we're looking at improving all of our existing localized sites (and adding several more).

Antonio dio:
2005/04/08 06:23

I'm very impressed with the quality of your blog and how you manage to post in three languages. I have one two and it takes time (mine is in Portuguese and English). Do you mind helping me adapt my template to switch languages?

Luistxo dio:
2005/04/08 09:54

Looks like this blog has reached international audiences, now that Mark Flethcer himself, of Bloglines, reads it...

Antonio: your blog is hosted at Google-Blogger's site blogspot. No idea if any blog can be turned multilingual there. Mine is a Coreblog, and has been somehow customised. An internationalised version has been released by my company and we hope to develop a more complete bilingual version some day...

Jay Devine
Jay Devine dio:
2005/04/17 03:44

My major issue with Bloglines is not being able to edit the template. It is so easy to do in Blogger. There are so many things I would like to do in sidebar but there is no way to access the template. I am considering taking my blog elsewhere.

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