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Permalinks and multiple feeds at Gmane

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/02/02 17:33

It's nice to see that the blog thing of Gmane advances... I have caught some testimonials over there like this one

Now finnally there is a permalink feature, and there are multiple feeds that point towards the blog interfaces... Here's the look of a permalinked message of mine. The feeds remain experimental so far, but can be found at the directory version of each group as in That's fine, and I find it quite logic. RSS-subscribers are probably more prone to bloglike interfaces than to the other one.

On the other hand I feel that there should be a way to switch between the two single-message interfaces, the classic and the blog-like: 

as well as between the threaded interfaces. Looking at a thread at you change the interface in the pulldown menu, and you dont go to but to

Design competition

On the other hand, the design competition that Lars the Gmanemaster proposed seems to have attracted no designers at all.

I am not a designer. I cannot dare to offer a CSS proposal of my own... Here's my contribution, instead, the Gmane blog buttons: Gmane rocks! Gmane blogs!


Well. Not so difficult to achieve. I just used Luca's brilliant button maker ;-)


Now that RSS's and blogalization have advanced so far, I wish Gmane could return to the i18n steps taken last autumn. The Classic Interface begun beind adapted very nicely. I don't know if Lars' to-do list is very long, but it would be great to see Gmane advance in that direction too.

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