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Deleting trackback spam

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/02/02 08:31

Our coreblogs at also hit by the great trackback spam assault of yesterday, Feb. 1, 2005. After the exchange of messages at Coreblog-en, the mailing list, we produced our own python script to be run in Zope (updated with a variable factor), create a script and on the parameter list put spammer=xxx,then the code as follows::

  for i in range(1, 300):     try:        ent = context.get_entry(i)        for com in ent.trackback_list():           if com.title.startswith (spammer):              ent.deleteTrackback(int(              print "deleted %s's comment" % com.title     except:         pass  print "Done."  return printed 

Being this site a community of coreblogs we placed that at the root like and our main blog's evil trackbacks were deleted (as far as you have less than 300 entries...), but it also worked with any blog placed below like or or any other name variable that we may introduce depending on the spammer of the day.

scriptPLACEDhere is just a dummy name. We used another ID for the script.

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