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Ivan Noble and Joxe Aranzabal

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/02/01 12:12

Deeply moved by the story and courage of Ivan Noble. And a striking coincidence: my friend Joxe Aranzabal, also a journalist, began writing in Internet about his newlyfound cancer just two days after Ivan, in september 2002.

Joxe has struggled with the cancer, and has prevailed. He has left a message at Ivan's last post, don't know if the BBC will let it public or not. However, here's what Joxe has written:

On September 11th, 2002, I was found to have a Pholicular Linphoma, a kind of cancer that appears in the blood. A couple of days later, I started writing what was to become a series of articles in, a collective blog with information in Basque language, where I narrated in 17 chapters all the circumstances surrounding my illness. It took a couple of years to get back to work, at Mondragon University. The 22nd of this month I will publish a book (The Doctor Told Me I Had Cancer), a compilation of all the articles written for Sustatu. When we present the book, I will have you in mind. Be strong.

Besides his writings at Joxe has a personal blog now, Faroa, the Lighthouse in Basque.

Luistxo dio:
2005/02/02 10:11

Ivan Noble has died. The BBC hasn't published Joxe's note. I suspect that's because he signed Basque Country, not Spain. Joxe, besides, pays his tribute at his blog.

student dio:
2007/01/13 23:32

Oh my god! you have also a english blog! I´m one of Joxe´s student and I got shocked when I read his articles about his illness. It must be really difficult to write about your illness because in that moment you don´t know what the future keeps on store. I congratulate him for doing it! My aunt died 8 years ago due to cancer too, and she wrote some articles but in a notebook. She was so young, she was 33. My parents don´t want me to read it because it´s so hard. But some months ago I couldn´t put up with the situation and  Iread them. I cried a lot, but I realised that it´s one of the best method to keep people´s thougths. I continue loving her and I´m very proud of her writtings.

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